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ASME RTP-1 Accredited - Click here to see ASME RTP-1 Certificate of Authorization
ASTM 2992  third party certified for the manufacture of pipe or duct with a Hydrostatic Design Basis (HDB) Category U rating (hoop stress of 12,500 psi or 86.2 MPa).  Click here to see report:  Bodycote Broutman Report
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Belco Manufacturing Co. Inc.
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Fiberglass Chemical Tanks & Vessels  Hand lay-up, chop, chop-hoop or helically wound FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) tanks and process vessels from 12 inches  through 20 feet in diameter. Water, petroleum, chemicals, air, pressure, vacuum, seismic loading, polyester, vinylester, c-veil, nexus, vertical, horizontal, flat bottom, dish bottom, cone bottom. . . whatever your specification calls for, Belco will produce a top quality tank or process vessel for your needs.

Dampers  Belco Fiberglass Dampers are manufactured to meet the needs of the air handling industry by providing a corrosion-resistant FRP Damper that is used to regulate a gas flow or shut off and isolate a system. The operating conditions for the dampers are designed to match the operating conditions of the duct system. Premium vinyl ester resins are used throughout the damper. Fire-retardant resins are also available for a Class I flame spread.

Fiberglass Pipe & Duct  Pipe, duct, fittings and fabrication from 2 inches through 20 feet in diameter.  Hand lay-up or helically wound, 40' joints, full vacuum to 150 psi positive pressure, water, oil, chemicals, odor control, Cad drawings, calculations, design, installation supervision and instruction, field weld material and tools.  Belco is your total FRP duct and pipe supplier.

Oil & Gas Exploration Vessels  High quality filament wound FRP vessels manufactured with a computer controlled process and designed exclusively for rigorous oil field use.  Will not rust, rot or corrode and withstands harsh sun, wind, and changing weather conditions without effect.  Standard and custom tank configurations are available and can be delivered by Belco's fleet of delivery trucks and custom designed tank trailers to assure prompt and proper handling of your tank.

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Denali Incorporated is a privately held company founded in 1995, which has become — through a series of strategic acquisitions — the world's largest supplier of custom engineered, fiberglass reinforced composite corrosion resistant fluid handling products for such diverse industries as petroleum, chemical/petrochemical, power, pulp & paper, water/wastewater, microelectronic and pharmaceutical.

The Denali group consists of industry leading brand names and companies including Containment Solutions, Fluid Containment, Inc., Hoover, Ershigs, Belco Manufacturing, and more.

Denali companies have facilities throughout the Untied States and manufacture a variety of critical fluid handling products including above and below ground FRP tanks, vessels, towers, stacks, scrubbers, piping systems, duct, dampers, butterfly valves, manholes and oil/water separators.


Plasticon Companies

Ershigs is the world leader in the design and manufacture of corrosion resistant FRP applications. In business since 1921, and as a manufacturer of FRP products since 1960, Ershigs has pioneered many of the key innovations in the use of FRP in corrosion resistant applications over the years. Ershigs offers a full range of products, including storage and process vessels, duct systems, valves, process and effluent piping, large field manufactured vessels, washer and ventilation hoods, stack and chimney liners, scrubbers, and spray header piping and assemblies.


Belco custom manufactures a host of corrosion-resistant, fiberglass reinforced products including tanks, vessels, pipes, ducts, scrubbers, towers, and manholes - primarily for petroleum, industrial and water/wastewater applications. Its broad capabilities entail in-house structural and mechanical engineering support, as well as drafting for custom fabrications.

Belco provides dependable, cost-effective, integrated solutions for the chemical processing, pulp and paper, water and wastewater, metal and mining, electronics, and power generating industries.



Fabricated Plastics Ltd is a global leader in the design and manufacture of thermoplastic lined FRP, unlined FRP and thermoplastic assemblies for corrosion applications. Founded in 1962, Fabricated Plastics has a rich history providing quality composite equipment and professional service to companies throughout the world and in industries to include: Pulp and Paper, Metals & Mining, Chemical Processing, Food & Drug, Semiconductor, and Power. Fabricated Plastics' thermoplastic lined & thermoplastic assemblies can be produced using olefins, vinyl's and fluoropolymers. Fabricated Plastics offers a wide range of engineered products including scrubber system process design and supply, tanks, piping, ductwork, stacks, acid cooling towers and scrubber internals.




Containment Solutions, Inc. (CSI) specializes in the manufacture of fiberglass composite and steel storage tanks. CSI tanks include a full line of underground and aboveground storage tanks and compartment tanks for petroleum, automotive fluids, chemical and water storage; oil/water separators for storm water discharge; leak detection and monitoring equipment, and FlowtiteĻ fiberglass manholes, rehabilitation manholes and wetwells for the wastewater industry.


Denali Incorporated is a part of Patriarch Partners, a private equity firm managing $7 billion in assets.  Patriarch Partners is managed by Ms. Lynn Tilton who serves as Chief Executive Officer and sole Principal of Patriarch Partners, LLC and its affiliated entities ("Patriarch"),


Belco Manufacturing is certified by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council as woman-owned, operated and controlled business.

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Belco Manufacturing Co. Inc.
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